How to Protect Your Hair Extension From Heat


There’s nothing better than a hot shower, right? But when you get out of a hot shower, use a hot blow dryer to dry your hair, then a hot flat iron or curling iron to style your hair — it’s a lot of heat to say the least. If you’re only doing this minimally, maybe once a week for a weekend night out, your hair will most likely have enough time to recover from damage. However, if this process is a daily occurance, your scalp and the hair itself will eventually become dry, brittle, and you’ll be left with a head of disheveled hair that is full of split ends.

The fact is that your hair and scalp need protection from heat, whether you’re styling your natural hair or if you have a real human hair extension from Shari’s Hair Boutique. A significant benefit of our straight or curly hair extensions is that they are made of real human hair! But just because they’re real hair, doesn’t mean you can bake the strands with scalding water and red-hot styling tools. So before you get in the shower and start getting ready for your day, here are some of our best tips to help protect your real human hair extensions.

Use a Heat Protectant

There are dozens of heat protectant products that you can order online or pick up wherever you purchase your regular hair styling tools. They work by creating a barrier between your hair and the styling tool and can even help absorb heat. Just spray it onto your hair and give it a brush to make sure all strands are evenly coated.

Whatever product you choose for your hair, the important thing is that you actually use it! These products will go a long way in helping protect your hair from heat. Some of Shari’s Hair Boutique’s favorite heat protectants are L’oreal Quick Dry Primer Spray, Paul Mitchell’s Thermal Protection Spray, and Kenra Blow-Dry Spray.

Use Professional Tools

The initial sticker shock of purchasing a high-quality styling tool will be well worth it when you realize how much better they are with your hair. You don’t necessarily need to spend upwards of $500 dollars to see and feel the difference — but it does take a tool that is a couple of steps above your typical drugstore hair dryer that costs $30 or $50.

Professional styling tools are made with high-quality materials like ceramic or tourmaline. Ceramic plates on a flat iron will straighten your real human hair extension without snagging or causing any damage. Tourmaline is a crystalline gemstone that coats styling tools and produces a smooth, sleek look without as much heat, preventing the hair from becoming damaged.

Find a Good Hairbrush

The type of hairbrush you have will depend on the type of real human hair extension you have. If you have a curly hair extension, you’ll want a brush with wider bristles that are strong and durable; if you have a straight hair extension, look for a brush that has soft and flexible bristles.

When you’ve found a great brush for your hair, using it to detangle and smooth out your hair before styling will help prevent the hair from getting caught in the tool. When tangles or knots get stuck in a styling tool, it not only affects the overall look but can pull chunks of hair out of the extension, potentially reducing its lifespan.

Let it Dry Naturally

Using a blow dryer is a great way to speed up the styling process and to help shape the hair before curling or straightening, but it does nothing to protect your hair. With hair extensions, they are even more prone to heat damage because they don’t get the natural oils from your scalp. By letting your hair extension dry naturally, it allows any natural moisture to remain within the strands. If you really are in a hurry and need to use a blow dryer, this next tip is for you.

Use the Right Heat Setting

Heat in small amounts is acceptable for real human hair extensions, but it’s not ideal. If you have to use styling tools, make sure to select a low to medium setting. This will protect any natural moisture that remains in the hair and will prevent the strands from becoming dry and brittle. It will take longer to style your hair when the heat setting is lower, but you will appreciate having healthy, smooth hair.

Real human hair extensions are perfect for giving your hair dimension and body, but they need to be protected just like your natural hair. At Shari’s Hair Boutique, we offer a collection of straight and curly hair extensions that are made with real human hair. We are passionate about providing our customers with amazing products at affordable prices. Be sure to shop our collection today and find an extension that works for you!