Keeping Your Hair Healthy At Home

Due to the current status of the COVID-19 outbreak, all types of service-based businesses such as hair, nail, and other beauty salons have closed down to help prevent the spread of the virus. While this is extremely important, it can be a bit of a bummer when it comes to keeping you feeling your best. Luckily for you, just because you have to spend more time indoors, doesn’t mean that you can’t take care of yourself in the same ways. In this blog post, we will be discussing some fun and easy hair tricks and styles that you can do at home to help keep your hair healthy and strong! So, when all of this is over, you’ll still be able to feel confident even without a trip to the salon! 

Give Your Hair This Time To Grow

Social distancing has given us more time at home and while it may be a bit unsettling, it’s important to try and look on the bright side. Most of us are spending more time without makeup and not styling our hair. Give your hair a break from all of the heat styling, and accessories that you would usually do and give it some time to grow. You can spend time pampering yourself with hair masks and hair oils to give you hair that added moisture that it needs to grow. Let your hair air dry and embrace your natural hair. 

Properly Wash Your Hair Accessories

With more free time on your hands, take the time to properly care and wash your hair extensions, wigs, and other accessories. Just like your hair, they need to be cared for. Show your hairpieces a bit more care by properly washing them and drying them. You should care for them as if they were your own hair. Our hair extensions, wigs, and accessories are made out of all-natural, 100% virgin hair, so you want to be gentle when washing and drying them. In one of our last blog posts, we go more in depth about how you should care for them, which you can learn more about onsite. 

You’ll also want to make sure that you’re properly storing your hair accessories. It can be tempting to just throw them in a drawer and call it good, but the way you store them can actually help extend the life and quality of your hairpieces. We recommend that you hang your extensions to prevent them from creasing or drying in an undesired look. Hanging them also prevents the hair from rubbing against other surfaces and creating friction or frizz on the hair. Once again, since our hair is made out of 100% virgin hair, be gentle with it. 

Learn About Different Ways To Style Your Hair 

Just because you’re not going out doesn’t mean that you can’t act like you are. With more free time, use this time to research and learn more about different ways that you can style your hairpieces. From YouTube videos, blog articles, and even social media platforms like Instagram and Tik Tok, you can learn so much from other people about how they like to style and care for their wigs, pieces, and extensions. Many people are even showcasing their favorite affordable hair care products that you can easily purchase online from vendors like Ulta, Amazon, and other supermarkets. Learning more about how to style and care for your hair will allow you to be a professional once life gets back to normal. Share what you’ve learned with your friends and family, this can also be a great way to distract yourself if you’re feeling anxious during this time. It’s something small but it can make a difference in how you feel. 

At Shari’s Hair Boutique we hope that all of you are staying safe and healthy during this uncertain time. Practice self love and understand that this time period is temporary. As an online retailer, we are still shipping out and accepting orders. Please note that due to the current situation, mail orders may take longer to arrive, so please be patient. If you have questions regarding our business and what we are doing, feel free to contact us with any questions. 

All of our hairpieces are made with 100% virgin hair. All of our wigs, extensions, frontals, and closures are made with the highest quality hair and even can be used for medical hair loss reasons. If you have questions regarding our hair, feel free to connect with us and shop our entire selection of hairpieces.